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Ginger fizz smoothie.

I’ve been seriously slacking on exercising lately, which I at least partially attribute to my job hunt and the exam I took for my online class yesterday. I put off studying until yesterday and of course did more poorly than I hoped.

I missed two interviews on Tuesday because I attempted to get a first interview during a job fair, and ended up standing two hours before I realized it would be at least another few hours until I would probably speak with hiring managers. By that time, I was grumpy, hungry and needed to leave for another interview. On my way home, I stopped for some coconut water and a Nutz over chocolate Luna Bar, and then promptly missed my second interview due to rush hour traffic, and third due to my knees and hips aching from standing too long (the third would begin with a 3 mile run, and achy joints would get me nowhere in a run).  Frustrating!

At least things perked up yesterday, when I sent in a barrage of job applications, contacted some new contacts and made delicious vegetarian shepards pie. There’s something ironic about eating Shepard’s Pie while watching Hannibal (we did last night), so I’m glad it was the vegetarian version! eeks. Ours was vegetarian because I added some buttah to the cauliflower and potatoes mixture. To make it even awesomer after pre-preparing it and stuffing it in the fridge with the potato portion on top of the lentils, I put it back in the oven for 20 minutes at 350, covered, then 20 minutes uncovered, which browned the topping nicely.

Thursday was made even better with a short run of 1.5 miles at a 10 min/mile pace followed by 20 minutes of a Jillian Michaels dvd with hubby.

I ran out of coffee and desperately needed caffeine, so I was hoping for green tea at breakfast, so today started with a Spicy Carrot Green Tea Smoothie (the “spiciness” comes from the ginger):
8 baby carrots, washed
1 tbsp. ground fresh ginger root
1 cup of unsweetened green tea
1/3 cup of sparkling water (I used pomegranate flavor)
2 tbsp. whole oats
1 banana
1 kiwi
1 tsp. white granulated sugar
5 ice cubes
Blend until smooth and enjoy!
Fitness and Health Goals this week:
1. Run 10 miles total, -1.5 mi. already done; I’ll likely do two 2.5 mi. runs and a 3.5 mile run
2. Drink more water and tea!
3. Map all my runs and workouts this week, and make time for those runs so I stay in shape! It helps me to see my workouts, and because I’m slightly compulsive, I want to fill in all the little squares of the MapMyRun Calendar with runs and workouts!

Rain! Finally!

It’s finally starting to feel like autumn, since it just rained yesterday for the first time in ages! The cooling weather means more running, since it won’t be so hot that I get dehydrated by just going outside. I think I did sufficiently on my goals for the last week because I hit most of them even though I’m starting from only getting exercise from housework and an occasional yoga sesh on netflix.

I found a new website to obsess over: pinterest.com. It’s great for pinning my favorite things to and come back to. I remember things usually by their website’s appearance, so this is perfect for me! And it’s even better for sorting through recipes by what they look like when prepared!

Goals for the next six months:

#1    Try a new *healthy* cooking ingredient each week, not counting dishes eaten at restaurants. We did quinoa last week, and this week I don’t have a new “ingredient” exactly, but a new style of cooking will have to suffice: we had one almost vegan dinner (Cajun spiced dirty rice), which hubby liked, but I wasn’t especially excited about. It was fantastic to be able to make the spice mix (I found a simple one on Allrecipes.com), though, and even though I messed up the dirty rice at first by adding too much water (I prepared slow cook brown rice before cooking, then added enough water to cook instant rice in the casserole too, oops!) It was easily fixed by adding about 1 tbsp. of cornstarch! Love that stuff!

#2    10k by December 25th and half-marathon by February 25th.

Working on it! Up to 3 miles walking/jogging so far.

#3   Seek out active hobbies or activities to add to our lives!

Hoping to start a crocheting project with the help of a friend this week!

Weekly goals:

#1     Oatmeal 6 / 7 days this week for breakfast

Fail. I had 4 days of oatmeal last week, breaking for cereal and eggs and toast.

#2    3 runs, min. 5 miles

1.5 miles x 1(Check!), 1.9 miles x2 (did 3.2 miles, but had to walk part of it, so almost)

#3    Yoga 3x

min. 30 minutes (only 1x can be checked off, but Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown killed my muscles and made me sore for the next three days…does that mean I can count the exercise 1x for each day I was sore after? ha)

#4    Tennis 1x

min. 1 hour (check! Played doubles Sunday)

And a 5.5 mile bike ride to top it all off!


Let’s get to this week’s goals:

#1    2 Vegetarian dinners and oatmeal 5 days of the week

We had one (Cajun dirty rice) last night, which will be leftovers tonight, plus vegetarian meatloaf another night. I think oatmeal will be doable for most mornings, as long as we have some awesome tailings of the late summer fruit (thank goodness for Strawberries and Cream oatmeal)

#2    Three runs, at least 6 miles total

#3    Yoga or 30 Day Shred video, at least 3 hours total