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Freshly brewed

Just as I start every day with a hot cup of almost opaque coffee, thus starts my journey to a healthy, running life (with opaque goals, and fresh energy for what is ahead…and an actual cup of coffee of course!)

One of the important motivations for me to maintain healthy habits is avoiding boredom. I get easily bored with eating the same foods every week and doing the same exercise activities, and let’s face it, I stop doing them altogether.

Goals for the next six months:

#1    Try a new *healthy* cooking ingredient each week, not counting dishes eaten at restaurants.

I’m a compulsive planner and like to plan out an entire week of meals at once for the purposes of having fewer grocery trips and determining the most cost-effective meals for the week/season.

#2    10k by December 25th and half-marathon by February 25th.

These will require some planning for training.

#3   Seek out active hobbies or activities to add to our lives!

I’m looking forward to trying some new sports and hopefully modes of transportation (depending on where my current job search yields a position).

Weekly goals:

#1     Oatmeal 6 / 7 days this week for breakfast

#2    3 runs, min. 5 miles

1.5 miles x1, 1.9 miles x2

#3    Yoga 3x

min. 30 minutes

#4    Tennis 1x

min. 1 hour