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I can ride my bike with no (brakes and when I, by divine intervention, don’t fall over the) handlebars.

I’m usually pretty hesitant to get on my bike (Lucille) and just go for a spin, even though it could be an excellent way to get to and from short distance errands and appointments. Maybe it has something to do with the problems stopping while going down hills that I’ve had since it’s lived in California with me.

I found out just how out of shape Lucille was too, when I very ambitiously decided to ride her the 5.4 miles home from grad school. (A bike shuttle brought my bike and me up to school in the morning). Obviously that’s not very far on a bike, any inexperienced person could ride downhill 5 miles without much exertion besides white-knuckle brake-gripping. As I glided down the hill from campus to a red light at the very first intersection at the bottom of the campus hill, I squeezed my brakes and promptly slid into the intersection. Lucille probably only had her front wheel in the intersection, but it felt too close to the cross traffic for the brakes to be acceptable.

Months previous to that, I had asked my parents to *send* me my bike by postal mail so that I could have it for school. I have NO idea why I considered that to be a good idea, besides that I thought that I could save money by using an old bike rather than buying a new one. Yes, the ones in Santa Cruz started at $200 in many stores, and easily went upwards of $500 for a nice “cruiser”, but I couldn’t be bothered with style choices. At this point, I’m fairly certain I had four or 5 brake tightening events since receiving my bike in the mail, all of which definitely added up to more than the bike’s cost. Good choice, me.

This morning…

The hubby and I are going for our first bike ride in our new hometown, which is mostly flat ground (yay!) I’m pumping myself up for it with a nice beaker of coffee.

Here’s some excellent literature on the benefits (and non-issues) of drinking coffee before a workout:

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