Sidewalk: 1, Me: 1

I will claim victory in my battle against the sidewalk!

I had a minor accident involving a stumble and some concrete yesterday morning as I tried to start a 3 mile run. Luckily my minor damage will probably heal in a week and doesn’t impede running (tested that today), especially with the running endorphins covering the stinging sensation of my open wounds and the cold autumn air.

I had some low mileage weeks since I last wrote on here, but I’m looking forward to fixing that soon.

Su 10/23:   3.06 mi 31:00 (avg. 10.13 min/mi)
M-W 10/24-26:   rest days
Th 10/27:   2.12 mi 25:00 (avg. 11.79 min/mi)
F 10/28:   2.12 mi 24:00 (avg. 11.32 min/mi)
Sa 10/29:   rest day
= total 7.3 miles
Su 10/30:   3.06 mi 32:00 (avg. 10.46 min/mi)
M-W 10/31-11/2:   rest day
Th 11/3:   2.55 mi  25:00 (avg. 9.8 min/mi)+ 30 min. Baron Baptiste power yoga video
F 11/4:   1.49,
Sa 11/5:   3.55 mi,
Su 11/6:   rest day
=weekly total of 10.65 miles
M 11/7:   1.49 mi,
Tu 11/8:   3.0 mi,
W 11/9:   Yoga 30 min, rest day
Th 11/10:   3.16mi, 
F 11/11:   rest day
Sa 11/12:   2.55 mi
=weekly total of 10.2 miles
1. Pace of 10 min/mi. or less
2. Yoga after running at least half the time, if time allows
3. Increase my per week mileage to 12 by 11/19, 13 by 11/26, 15 by 12/3, 17 by 12/10, 20 by 12/17, and 22 by Christmas! I don’t have a race planned yet, and am working on increasing mileage and maintaining the running habit for now.
4. Make 30 miles/week in early February, doing a long run of 13 miles one week!
5. Sign up for a 10k or half-marathon for early next year!
Smoothie recipe of the week:
Chia seeds are our current ingredient of the week and are a yummy addition to this smoothie. I started with a base of a terrible recipe for pumpkin frozen yogurt that was too grainy and just not fitting to our tastes. Mix the following in a blender until smooth:
3/4 c. greek yogurt
3/4 c. pumpkin puree (I used Libby’s canned pumpkin puree)
1/8 tsp. cinnamon
1/8 tsp. nutmeg
1 yellow banana
handful of raspberries
5 ice cubes
2 tbsp of mixed seeds (chia and flaxseed)

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