Tired raisins and beer brownies

Okay, so this is from two nights ago, I’ve been preoccupied with a game of catch-up for my online class. Forgive me.

As of Thursday at midnight:

I just polished off a second beer brownie, which was a fantastically rich reward for all the exercise I did the past few days. I borrowed this beer brownie recipe and made the gluten-full flour recipe. I’ve got the starting-exercise-munchies, which makes me hungrier than I should be after mediocre workout performances and small amounts of calorie-burnoff. Which means my body is trying to fatten me up in preparation for the apparently stressful activities I’m forcing on it.


Silly body. Soon you’ll be doing 10 mile runs and consuming calories (eating and burning them) more reasonably. In good news, I’m on the way to completing my week’s goals.

Saturday updates: Of my six month goals,

#1    Try a new *healthy* cooking ingredient each week, not counting dishes eaten at restaurants.

This week’s ingredient: QUINOA! I prepared it with lime and cilantro as per my adaptation of this rice and paired it with delicious and easy mole chicken. I’m looking for inspiration for next week’s culinary adventure.

#2    10k by December 25th and half-marathon by February 25th.

Quite obviously I’m a ways away from that…My mileage has only hit 1.5 miles so far.

#3   Seek out active hobbies or activities to add to our lives!

Everything’s an idea still: crocheting? tennis? Running (duh!!)

Weekly goals:

#1     Oatmeal 6 / 7 days this week for breakfast

Only one day of cold, processed cereal, so far, but I was craving bacon this morning, so we had a protein-loaded meal of bacon, eggs and toast!

#2    3 runs, min. 5 miles

1.5 miles x1, 1.9 miles x2 (still to go…)

#3    Yoga 3x

min. 30 minutes (Once so far! 2x to go)

#4    Tennis 1x

min. 1 hour. We’re planning on a double date with some friends for tennis tomorrow. Yeah!

In other news:      So pumped about it being October and starting to actually cool down here! I’m actually sipping some cider (one of those silly packets of cider you add hot water to, but soon I’ll find a recipe to make some real, awesomer cider. I’m getting obsessed with making everything from scratch to avoid the yucky fake ingredients that are used as preservatives and for artificial flavorings.) Bring on the hot cider and scary movies, October!


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